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Boy's Bath Remodel part I

This is my first day back to blogging in almost a year! I am taking a new approach this time, I am going to tell you all the details that go into my remodeling and decorating projects. I pack my schedule tight to fit in as many clients as I can and as soon as one project wraps up I need to move onto the next before I have a chance to share all the planning details, finish selections, and decisions that were made to create that look.

Each space has it's unique challenges and presents me with new puzzles to solve. The process is a little different with each project, but always ends with a more well designed and thought out space with style that connects with the people living in those spaces, which to me means a better quality of life, even if it's only while you are brushing your teeth.

This project was special to me because this family and my family are close friends. We met when our boys were toddlers and now they are tall middle schoolers! They bought this house a few years ago with lots of renovations to get to. They fell in love with the neighborhood and huge backyard but knew they would have some work to do. With the kitchen and master bath renovations completed, it was now time to get to the boys bathroom. For some reason, please tell me why if you know, when this home was built in the 90's they carpeted the bathroom vanity section. Of course this didn't wear well over years, on top of the fact that the finishes were very outdated and the counter space was enormous, more than any two boys would need.

Please ignore the inexperienced photographer in the mirror :)

We started by playing with the space to see what could be done to rearrange the layout, move walls if needed etc. This is a step that I love! I usually have no problem rethinking a space and finding a better solution but in this case my ideas all fell flat with roofline issues and support walls etc. The one thing we could fix was the lack of storage and excess of counter space. This is essentially an easy fix. I say that but my contractor really does all the work ;) We tightened up the spacing between the two vanity sinks which meant the vanity light fixtures as well. This freed up space near the entry for a tall linen cabinet. Since it was going to be quite large visually we decided to include an open shelf. I love this feature so the linear space didn't become a sea of white oak cabinets.

We had custom cabinets built in white oak with a clear finish to show off the natural grain and beauty of the wood. We also had the door style cut to match the home's existing cabinet door style, used in the newly renovated master bath and kitchen. It's a small detail but important to have consistency throughout the home. I chose a stained wood (vs painted) as this is very durable in a high traffic area like a bathroom, and white oak because it's the new go to oak if you haven't noticed yet. Actually I love it because the grain is a little different from red oak and undertones are of course not red, which brings back the 80's and 90's.

We chose matte black cabinet hardware since it stands out so beautifully against the white oak. Then we paired it with black faucets, mirrors and two tone (black/chrome) vanity light fixtures. I like to have two metal tones if the space allows for it. It's fun to play with a new finish, like matte black, when the home primarily has silver tone finishes in door handles and hinges etc.

In case you like some of the finishes shown I've included some links below.

Bath fixtures are from the Delta Stryke collection:

Vanity Lights are Hinley Seeded Glass from Shades of Light:

Cabinet pulls are from Amerock Radius collection:

Next up is that beautiful tile!...


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