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Boy's Bath Reno...part II

I had my eye on this tile pattern for awhile. It speaks to me and my love of navy blue. The modern bold shapes remind me of clubs and spades from a deck of cards. It's striking but classic at the same time. Whatever it was that drew me to this pattern, I knew my friend/client would also be intrigued. We quickly decided this was going to be the main design feature in the space.

Because this pattern is so visually dominant, I kept all other finishes simple to not compete with the floors. We used 8" x 24" white tiles in the tub surround, and solid white quartz counter tops. White walls also keep the look crisp with high contrast. That being said, all this white and deep navy can become cold without the warm wood tones to balance it out.

While looking for decor to complete the space, I stumbled on images of nautical flags. I loved the idea of framing out sets to spell out the boys names. The bold color palette and shapes pair so well with the floor and I know the boys are into sailing so it seemed to be a winner. Jen, the home owner, decided to take it one step further and make it herself. She cut out the shapes, and painted each one by hand. I absolutely love the end result!

This awkward alcove was going to have to stay. I looked into opening up the walls to expand the space and offer a longer tub, but it would interfere with the architecture on the front of the home.

We decided to improve on this space by adding a wood shelf to match the cabinetry. This created the perfect space below for the boys to hang their towels. I find more and more clients are installing robe hooks rather than towel bars. It's a more practical and less fussy way to handle the never ending issue of the messy towel look. Most of us rarely fold the towels all neat unless we are expecting company, or maybe that's just me?

We may have never designed this little nook, but I am so glad this awkward space turned into something clever and unique. It just takes a little extra brainstorming sometimes but the answer is always right there. Until next time, good luck with your next design challenge!

For more information on the tile we used:


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