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Puppy time!

I have puppies on my mind since we recently adopted our newest family member, a sweet Havapoo named Remy. Most of us are currently hunkering down at home and may be spending a little more time with our pets. Dogs add so much to our lives, I love them all so much! That being said, they can ruin our area rugs, chew up our furniture and lead us to some awkward home decor decisions. I am here to tell you can have the best of both worlds! Nothing is more precious in our homes than the love that pets bring. Here are some fashionable dog home accents that I am eyeing myself. I hope these inspire you to do some online shopping and honor your pets. Also we have so many great pet friendly area rugs to choose from now. Check out for some great options!


1 - Boisvert Felt Pet Cave by Tucker Murphy Pet

2 - Kaylor Mid Century Modern Dog Sofa

by Tucker Murphy Pet

3 - Moderno Dog Crate

4 - Pet Portraits starting at $55

5 - Custom Pet bags by Emma Keegs lifestyle

6 - Custom Pet stuffed animals - Petsies

7 - French Bulldog - Pop goes the Princess by Janewrenart $200 per roll

8 - Modern dog bowl by VsonsDesign

9 - Rope Dog Leash by HelmandHarbor

10 - PupRug™ Memory Foam Dog Bed - Polar Bear

Faux hide, starting at $149

11 -Keep Em Out/In Decorative Divider $300


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