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Laundry Room Refresh

Spending more time at home may mean you are noticing areas for improvement. Why not take advantage of this extra time at home to update a small space like your laundry room?

The laundry room is a space we frequent but we may not give much thought to how it's functioning or how it feels. I think these spots in our home need the most attention since we can directly improve our daily lives with some simple adjustments. For example, a paint color that makes you happy and may even inspire you to fold the laundry hot out of the dryer. I've been crushing on these fresh colors that remind me of dried lavender, eucalyptus, or Spring flowers. Any of these colors would be perfect for bringing new energy to a drab laundry room.

Next, improve functionality with a wall or ceiling mounted drying rack. If you don't own one of these yet you need one, they are a game changer! Top it off with a fun and unique light fixture like this Lotus flower. Lastly, all that hard work deserves to be rewarded. Indulge in some new fluffy towels in a fun color, and a set of pretty woven laundry baskets.



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